Social Media Marketing Associate - США Нью-Йорк Нью-Йорк (город)
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Social Media Marketing Associate


  • Social Associates are responsible for the daily management of brand pages in social networks (Facebook, VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter);
  • Develop and publish unique and engaging content;
  • Photo editing;
  • Monitor analytics and report back to managers about findings.
The qualification requirements
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience;
  • 1+ years social media marketing experience and/or a proven passion for digital marketing and social media content world, whether via active personal social media accounts and/or a hobby Blog;
  • Strong writing skills (English and Russian; or English and Polish; or English and German);
  • Should have the ability to write professionally and creatively, but also create content that is engaging for an audience in a conversational tone;
  • Basic knowledge of SEO to work with texts and websites;
  • Experience with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications;
  • Proficiency in graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel;
  • Ability to work independently; prioritize tasks; and exercise good judgment and initiative.
Additional InformationBenefits that are awaiting you if you join our team:
  • Compensation in direct correlation to your knowledge and talent;
  • Unlimited opportunities for self-realization;
  • Friendly, professional, highly motivated and productive team;
  • Flexible schedule.
Do you consider yourself a great candidate and like to meet us? You are almost there! Press "I'm interested" and submit the application. We would love to see in comments an explanation of why we should hire you for this position.

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