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User Interface Developer

User Interface DeveloperNew York, NY Полная занятость
Описание компанииWe are changing the world of television by creating an innovative technology to watch television from any country anywhere around the world. We invite you to join our fast growing company and to contribute to the revolution of how people watch television. 
Our employees are our pride and our most valuable asset. If you always dreamed of working in a fun environment with open organization structure and solid management and your culture fits our culture then we are the right place for you! We’re looking for smart, ambitious, forward-thinking problem solvers with the same set of values to join our world-class team and help us make our company even better.
COMPANY CULTUREPerfection is our lifestyleIntegrity is in our DNAEmployees are our familyWe are young, very ambitious and dedicated to achieving success
TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENTOur technology department is building systems that serve the best customers in the world - our customers. Our platform uses some of the most cutting-edge technologies available. We have built most of our systems on open-source technologies. We use Linux, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache, Nginx and more (you can even help us figure out what else!).
Описание вакансии

  • Work on the website's interface focusing on the functional details, and on design aspects like styles and consistency
  • Use HTML and CSS on the functional composition of a web site and write code in JavaScript to manipulate and present the data to the end-user
  • Create functioning, well formatted, optimized, cross-browser compliant web page
  • Develop IPTV Portal in HTML / CSS / JS
  • Determine flow pattern of an interface, the best places to use various features based on statistical interactions
  • Optimize and refactor existing code
  • *Don't confuse a UI developer with a web designer. Generally web designers are more concerned with making something look pretty. UI developers are concerned with making something usable and understandable.

Требования к квалификации
  • Mandatory requirements:
  • Must have a great understanding of how browsers work "under the hood" and how they communicate with servers.  Know differences between browsers and be able to figure out ways to code for Internet Explorer :)
  • Be able to write very complex scripts
Encouraged requirements:Understanding TDD / BDD methodologies and experience writing javascript unit testsThe ability to code in CoffeeScriptHave an idea of ​​Requirejs, understand where and how it can be usedUnderstand what is REST
Дополнительная информация
  • Benefits that are awaiting you if you join our team:
  • Compensation in direct correlation to your knowledge and talent
  • Unlimited opportunities for self realization
  • Comfortable and cozy office atmosphere
  • Friendly, professional, highly motivated and productive team with the same set of values
  • Creative Environment where you will never be bored at work again!
  • Flexible schedule and working hours
  • Unlimited time-off
  • Work from the modern office or from ANYWHERE around the world
  • Office is located in cool Brooklyn, in a modern building, near Sheepshead Bay (B,Q) train station
  • Join us for pizza on Fridays
And....slowly, but surely we are getting ready to conquer the world. Join us!Does this sound like your dream job? Do you consider yourself a great candidate and like to meet us? You are almost there! Press "I'm interested" and submit your application. We would love to see in comments an outline of your achievements. 

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