Caregivers - USA District of Columbia Washington (District of Columbia)
English Level:
Pre Intermediate

Caregivers of all types are needed

Position Requirements & Responsibilities: 

Provide the required care that is detailed out in each clients personal plan of care. 
Provide personal care: 
Grooming, including oral care 
Assist the client with dressing and undressing 
Assist the client with toileting activities 
Assist in feeding the client, if necessary 
Feed clients who are unable to feed themselves 
Support good skin care to prevent skin breakdown (i.e. turn and reposition client, actively encourage movement) 
Provide client with help walking and transferring 
Observe client's physical, mental and emotional conditions 
Report any change to the immediate supervisor; Document observed changes 
Measure and document intake and output, if necessary 
Assist client in the self-administration of medication (medication reminder) 
Perform light housekeeping 
Perform meal preparation and clean up 
Change bed linens and make up the client's bed 
Maintain an orderly client environment 
Follow principles of infection control and Universal Precautions. 
Identifies and participates in performance improvement activities. 
Provide transport to doctor appointments, outside activities and shopping. 
Participates in client teaching according to the client's plan of care. 
Assist in providing a safe environment and promote quality patient care through adherence to established policies, procedures and standards. 
Ensure client's rights are adhered to. These include but are not limited to: 
the right to privacy and dignity while care is being provided 
the right to accept or refuse care 
the right to confidentiality of their information 
Respond rapidly and appropriately in an emergency situation 
Use equipment properly and in a safe manner. 

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